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Blue Wedding Flower Package



White O'Hara Garden Roses

The fragrant White O'Hara garden rose is perfect to use for weddings. They are a creamy white with a hint of blush in the center. They have a high petal count, a long stem, and a rich lavender fragrance. These garden roses are imported from South America and come with 12 stems per bunch.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

White Hydrangeas (10 stems)

The white hydrangea bunch is in big demand for weddings and parties. It has 10 stems per bunch and they are very long lasting. They have good size flower head. We source from a great grower who gives us the cream of the crop! A super wholesale flower value. Hydrangeas are easy to use in bouquets or vase arrangements. A pro Care and Handling tip: Hydrangeas love humidity and if the flowers appear dry, take the stem and put it upside down in a clean flower bucket with fresh water overnight and submerge them. They will come back. The flower head is approximately 8-10" in diameter. This wholesale hydrangea is in big demand and we ask you to order a week or more in advance if you need quantities of 6 bunches or more.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 10 for this product!

Light Blue Hydrangea

Light blue hydrangeas are graded 10 stems per bunch. These are a great buy at a great price especially if you need an abundance of them. A good sized flower head. Easy to use in any type of bouquet or vase arrangement. These are very hardy and long lasting if properly handled. The color blue may vary a little during the course of the season depending on the time of the year and the grower. Available year-round. We suggest ordering at least 7 business days in advance. Hydrangea love humidity. If and when the flowers look dehydrated, take the stem or bunch and out then upside down in a large clean bucket of clean water over night, they will revive. Cut each stem at an angle and put them in fresh water.

White Wendy Spray Roses

Wendy is a locally grown pure white spray rose that's about 50cm stem length and packed 8-10 stems per bunch. Wendy wedding spray roses are available year-round. Beautiful in wedding bouquets or centerpieces. Upon arrival, you will see that the outer/guard petals of the roses will be slightly discolored or damaged (these petals are supposed to protect the roses). Wendy is one of our most popular white spray roses. If you have any questions or concerns please email us. Order ahead of time during the busy wedding season.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 99 for this product!

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Blue Thistle Eryngium

American Grown Eryngium, also known as decorative thistle, is locally grown in California, Baja California, and are imported when needed. Super Nova is a new variety with large (up to 2" long) thistle-like clusters framed at the base in a single layer, multi-pointed star of flat leaves. Blue-grey colored clusters and stems. Color may vary from the photo depending on time of the year and growing location. Eryngium is an excellent flower for use in vase arrangements. Stems are approximately 30" tall and there are 5 stems in a bunch. Easy to dry and used in dried floral decor. Available year-round.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Green Hypericum

Hypericum, also known as St. John's wort, has stems that are woody and long lasting. Hypericum is a perennial and loaded with green berries. The branches are typically clustered the leaves that are narrow and yellow-green in color. The stems are around 25-30" tall. Bunches are 10 stems.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

American GrownOur locally California grown silver dollar eucalyptus has a generous sized grower's bunch. The scented silvery-green leaves are round and coin-like. Upon arrival, cut the stems and put them in fresh water in a clean container. These growers size bunches have an average of 10 stems, but ultimately depends on the size of the stems. Cannot ship to Hawaii.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Seeded Eucalyptus

We procure Certified American Grown seeded eucalyptus has a bunch with 5 or more stems (depending on their size). During April through June, the seeds are what they call cupped and look slightly different and availability can be limited during this time . Leaves are circular, 1-2" in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems. Stems are woody, and are 12-18" in length. Plant is a broadleaf evergreen tree, the leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragrance. They are available year-round. Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems and place into water with the provided fresh flower food. Cannot ship to Hawaii due to agricultural restraints.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Garland by the foot (specify)



Please note: The price is per foot but we have a 6ft minimum for all custom made garlands. Our greenery garlands are custom, hand made in-house per order. We have a 6ft minimum and it comes with 1-2 types of greenery in this price range. Pricing shown is per foot. We ask for at least 7-10 business days advance notice.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 6 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

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Fabulous Florals offers a huge selection of fresh wholesale flowers and foliage in every color and variety imaginable. Our flowers are perfect for weddings, parties, and special events. Mix and match all you like, and order your flowers in bulk or by the box to save big on your order. If you have questions or can't find exactly what you're looking for, contact one of our floral specialists directly at (805)456-5914. You can also contact us here.
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