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Green Wave Parrot Tulips


The Latin name for Tulip is Tulipa, which means “the flower that looks like a turban”. Though Tulips need a cold winter, a spring with cold nights and a period with higher temperatures (summer), they have become available year round because of modern technology. Green wave Parrot Tulips are easy to mix with many other flowers because they fit in different styles. Just a vase full of different Tulip varieties is always an impressive display.
The best season for all  cut Tulips is January through late May (until it gets warm). Use clean and cold tap water. Remember Tulips are still growing a little bit after they being cut from the fields (so a high vase is recommended). Keep them in the cooler when you receive them. Tulips are packed 10 stems per bunch We suggest some advance noticed for Parrots tulips

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These beautiful tulips come 10 stems per bunch.

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